September 18, 2011

Hello again!

This week we worked on the two words "I and See" and reviewed "We and Will". We are still learning all of the Zoo Phonics animals names, sounds and signals. The children are beginning to get more confident with the Zoo Phonics song! If you notice your child is not catching on to our sounds and signals please practice with them at home. I included a sheet in your information packet during orientation but if you have misplaced it email me and I will send home a new one with your child.

I introduced the numbers 1-8 this week and will finish 9,10 next week with lots and lots of review on how to write the numbers. Keep practicing at home.

Most of the children are still having difficulty writing their name on their papers. Please, please, please, practice their name at home often. It helps them out a lot because you can do it one on one. Remember initial letter is a capital and then all the rest are lower case. Thank you in advance!

Our first book order was placed this weekend! It usually takes about a week for it to arrive. I will send the books home in your child's backpack unless you have told me otherwise. Thank you for all of the online orders. They earned us a lot of free books. Yahoo!

The children are getting better every day with behavior. There have been a lot of smiles for good work done and a few tears for those that have forgotten the rules. I am hoping for more smiles this week. :)

We got to watch this cute little video as a reward. It is about letters and the kids loved it! I thought I would share it here. I downloaded it from our ESD Library. Here is Chicka, Chicka, Boom, Boom!

Thank you!
Andrea Parsons


  1. You are very welcome! I am getting better. haha
    I love your website and cakes by the way! :) Too cute!