September 10, 2011

A Week and a Bit

Wow! We have been having so much fun this first week and a bit of school! The children are making great progress learning the routines we have at school. We have been so busy that I didn't even have time to take some pictures. Next week I hope to put some new photos on the slide show!

This week we worked a lot on the zoo phonics animal names, sounds and signals. We started to learn our zoo phonics song and soon they will be singing it to you. :) We also learned our first two words "we and will". I think they really liked looking through the little books and highlighting the words. In math we concentrated mostly on the circle and of course our counting and days of the week during calendar time. We will be working on the numbers 1-5 next week. We keep running out of time for all of the things we want to do.

If your child has been talking about moving his/her "worm" let me explain. I have three colored apples on the board- green (on task behavior), yellow (warning), red (miss recess), off red go to the principal's office. If they are following our rules they will stay on green and so on. We talked a lot about staying on green and how this happens. We will continue to talk a lot about behavior and what the expectations are for kindergarten. So far I am very impressed with how quickly they are catching on. Hurray!!!!!!

Our morning class was able to see an assembly on Friday morning that included the entertainers Cowboy Buck and Elizabeth. They asked the kindergarten team to come up and help with a little disco number. I have included the link to youtube for this so you can see us totally embarrassed but having fun. :)

Oh and let us not forget the wonderful performance of our leader...Mr. Williams, the P.E. teacher Mr. Thummel and awesome second grade teacher Mrs. Ryckman in the Polar Bear Penguin Dance!

Our first homework went home this week. Remember it is due next week on Thursday. If you have any questions email or call me.

Thank you,
Miss Parsons

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